Welches ist das beste Fernrohr?

Der folgende Beitrag aus der Newsgroup sci.astro.amateur ist nicht von der ernstesten Seite zu sehen, er enthält aber meiner Meinung nach doch einiges an Wahrheit.

On Sat, 10 Jul 1999 15:35:09 GMT, Bill the sketcher wrote:

>That's right folks!  My telescope is better than yours!  There isn't
>anyone on saa who has a better telescope.  Do you want to know why my
>telescope is better?  Do you really want to know?  I didn't think so.
>But I'll tell you anyway:
>My telescope is better because it's mine!  It's better because I can
>look thru it anytime I want to.  I get to point my telescope anywhere
>in my sky.  It makes distant objects appear larger and brighter than
>they appear with my unaided eyes.  It shows me detail in distant
>objects that I'm unable to see without optical assistance.  My
>telescope shows me objects that I would not be able to see without it.
>My telescope is better than yours.
>Can I look thru YOUR telescope anytime I want to?  Can I point your
>telescope at any celestial object in my sky? . . .  Of course not!
>Hell, your telescope can't show me anything!  My telescope is better
>than yours.
>So there it is.  My telescope is better than yours!  It doesn't matter
>if my telescope is a refractor, a reflector, or a catadioptric.  It
>doesn't matter if my telescope has a 1", a 2", a 4", an 8", a 16", or
>a 512" aperture.  My telescope is still better than yours!  It doesn't
>matter if your telescope shows better diffraction patterns, has
>greater aperture, or costs 1000 times what mine cost.  My telescope is
>better than yours.
>Me and my telescope, we're a team.  Whenever I look thru the eyepiece
>I'm reminded:  My telescope is better than yours!
>|  Bill
>|  the sketcher
>|  decades of inexperience fumbling in the dark

Kurz gesagt: Das beste Fernrohr ist das, das man viel benützt und mit dem man Freude an der Beobachtung des Himmels hat!

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