Start of TWAN-AUSTRIA-TOUR on 16. 3. 2011 in VIENNA at Urania.

The local WAA-Organisationteam @ work
(from left to right: Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter Habison, DI Alexander Pikhard, Prim. Dr. Thomas Maca)

The full lecture hall shows the great interest in magic views of the starry nightsky.

Introducing words by Mrs. Dr. med. Minoo Rahimi (Österreichisch Iranische Ärztegesellschaft) &  Mr. DI Alexander Pikhard (President of WAA)

Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter Habison (director of  Urania, Kuffner-Observatory and Planeterium-Vienna)
presents the first German written TWAN-book (authors: Stefan Seip, Gernot Meiser, Babak Tafreshi).

Prim. Dr. med. Thomas Maca (WAA) very happy takes over a present by Babak Tafreshi.

Of course,  I was proud and happy to welcome Babak A. Tafreshi and his wife officially in the name of Astronomers Without Borders in Austria

After nearly 2 hours presenting fascinating images, leading around the globe, Babak raised a big cheer.

After the lecture we had "Vienna at night"  and a little walk led us .....

.... to the place of the first Observatory of University of Vienna, built by order of Austrian Emperor Maria Theresia.

Our walk led to a typical Viennese tavern. A proper visit of Vienna needs wine and "Heurigen"-music !

Here we had a cozier conclusion of Babak Tafreshi's first public Austrian TWAN performance.
(at his right hand his wife Mrs. Shadi Haedi Azad )

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