Meeting friends & doing a short Upperaustria-trip with our international guests

 Trip to Kremsmünster where we visited after a small snack at the local restaurant the old observatory museum and the monastery.
(sponsored by Astronomical Society of Linz)

From left to right without guide: Christoph Malin, Pascale Demy, David Malin, Babak Tafreshi, Bernd Pröschold,
  Tamas Ladany, Shadi Haedi Azad, Gernot Meiser, Ulrike Stübler

Beeing on the top of the building it was very cold and windy

When we arrived at Gahberg where we had our accomodation the weather was similar bad :-(

In the evening we met our astronomical friends of AAS where we all have been invited for a dinner.

Filimon Erwin was opening the AAS-club meeting on 7th of October 2011 at Restaurant Frickh in Schörfling

David Malin gave a lecture about his sight of the history of astronomical imaging.

Erwin thanked David for his lecture

It was a nice evening and we had a lot of interesting talks .......

Next morning we visited the Gahberg observatory

Erwin Filimon told us how everything started and told about the planned future development of this observatory place .....


Beeing back at our accomodation Christoph Malin gave a little workshop about using a "Dolly" for making TWAN-time lapse videos


Following we did a little trip to Bad Ischl where we visited the summer residence of the old Austrian emperor Franz Josef I.

Unfortunately there I took no pictures because it was heavy raining and inside it was forbidden to take pictures :-(  ... but we visited th old teahouse of his wife Elisabeth where a photographic museum is inside and it was allowed to take pictures there !

Babak was totally amazed and keen by the colours of autumn

... and David was keen by the old cameras, especial one ........

....... because it had the same name - "DAVID APPARAT"  ;-)

Nice arrangement of an old chemical darkroom

On Sunday we all had to say good by and I took David back to Linz and before his departure by train
 we had little bit of time to visit some spots in Linz.

Dave is walking "over"  the city of Linz and looking to AEC

Short stop at the observatory of Linz - "Kepler Sternwarte"

Now about more than 25 years ago Erwin Obermayr met the man who answered already at that time his questions concerning RGB. At that time there was no Internet (no handys, no CCD cameras ....) and the correspondence was done by "Snail-mail". Erwin Obermayr and Erich Meyer have been the first members in our association who tried this procedure using chemical, hypered  B&W film for producing colour prints.

 "Two famous people" - visit at the Kepler monument.

Here the story ends.
Summarizing I want to say it was a wonderful time.We had a lot of fun !
 Our event was still a living proof that astronomy is connecting people around the world.





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