Gerfried Stocker (artist director and CEO of  AEC) opened the 1. digital TWAN-exhibition on 6th of October 2011

Johannes Stübler was talking about the common roots of AWB and the aims of  TWAN ......

.... ongoing Dietmar Hager was explaining the topic of lightpollution.


 Babak Tafreshi and Gernot Meiser gave together an opening lecture in AEC-Deep Space

Photo: Christoph Malin


Photo: Babak Tafreshi

Photo: Babak Tafreshi

Prof. David Malin in Deep Space is talking to the audience about the beauty and colour of the starry nightsky.

Photo: Christoph Malin

Above the fascinating world of timelapse videos by Bernd Pröschold

Presentaton of the Hungarian timelapse video of Tamas Ladany

Photo:Siegfried Grammer

Here Johannes Stübler  proudly presented to some visitors the TWAN-AUSTRIA-SCREEN

Photo:Siegfried Grammer

For example the really breathtaking timelapse-video of La Palma made by Christoph Malin - you can see: HERE

Above a picture of  Herbert Raab displayed on the TWAN-Austria Screen (all Austrian contributors you can see HERE)

Inside of the seminar room the visitors can sit down on comfortable chairs and they can relax and
look at the greatful TWAN-panorama pictures accompanied by silent music of Thomas Nordwest.

Photo: Christoph Malin

Above you can see on the left side two online-terminals where people can visit  TWAN and AWB-website. In the middle of the room is the presentation of all TWAN-photographers and on the right side there are the 5 screens showing the "Making Of" - video where visitors can learn more about TWAN, it's aims, it's educational aspect and about producing TWAN-pictures.

For example above animations made by Laurent Laveder are part of  "Making Of" - video

or pictures showing the nightsky with and without outlined constellations like this:


 These 2 big flat screens are additionally showing continousely the complete range of TWAN-pictures.

Another big wall projection shows continuously time lapse videos from:

Serge Brunier

Kwon O Chul

Bernd Pröschold

Babak A. Tafreshi

Tamas Ladany

Photo: Babak Tafreshi

Here you can see one of the highlights of this digital exhibition: The interactive "Globe-Application" where the visitor can play with an virtual globe. He can select a country and display a TWAN-picture from this region. On a second wall additional informations concerning his selection are displayed. In these pictures  Pascale Demy is playing with the globe

Photo: Babak Tafreshi

Photo: Christoph Malin

(from left to right: Sabine&Christoph Malin, Tamas Ladany, Gernot Meiser, Pascale Demy, Christoph Kaltseis, Babak Tafreshi, Shadi Haedi Azad, Bernd Pröschold, David Malin, Johannes Stübler, Dietmar Hager, Herbert Raab)



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